Leaders of the Elgar Parishad arrested by the CBI to protect Manohar Bhide and Milind Ekbote; argues Prakash Ambedkar

If the Elgar Parishad had inflammatory speeches against the Brahmins, then the reaction should have been a subsequent attack on Brahmins in Pune. But the violence took place against the Dalits at Bhima-Koregaon. This defies all possible forms of logic.

Prakash Ambedkar

The Elgar Parishad which took place on December 31, 2017, was against the Brahmanical Manuwadi system and had gathered a massive response. Hence, the Brahmanical Manuwadi forces via central agencies that they control, tried to forcefully establish connections between the leaders of the Elgar Parishad, violence that took place at Bhima-Koregaon on January 1, 2018, and the Maoists. The Police do not have any concrete evidence to prove these claimed connections. The Police have even high lightened a selected content from letters and emails and have presented them only as per their convenience. The Police have not submitted evidence of the e-mail or other electronic data confiscated by the police, which has been sent or received by those who have been named as the accused. There is no evidence showing that the letters, which were found while searching the accused, were in fact actually written by those so-called Maoist leaders, themselves and similarly if the mentioned electronic data was actually sent or received from the accused’s laptop. There is not enough digital evidence to prove the same. As, for email to be submitted as an evidence, its IP address, Mark address, Location, Date, Timing and so are imperative. But no such kind of evidence has come forth from any side. The investigation and evidence around these letters, do not seem to match accord to the Information and Technology Act. The police have trampled all the instructions given by the Bombay High court and the Maharashtra Government regarding presenting such documents as evidence during various cases or incidents.

The Pune Police arrested five so-called Naxalites on June 7. The Pune Police conducted a press conference on June 8 and claimed that the leaders of the Elgar Parishad had Naxalite connections, the Naxal organizations had funded the Elgar Parishad and that the speeches made in the Elgar Parishad triggered the violence the next day at Bhima Koregaon. The Police, in the same press conference, presented a letter to Rona Wilson which mentions my name. The second letter is written to Comrade Prakash, which mentions the plot to kill the Prime Minister. This letter was first published by the agency, ANI, my journalist friends tell me. If the Police were in possession of this letter, how did a letter regarding such important concerns regarding the Prime Ministers safety and security reach a media agency? DGP Mumbai Satish Mathur, said in Pune, that the letter has not been released by the Police but has been leaked by the Naxalites themselves. Ravindra Kadam, Joint Commissioner of Police, Pune, clarified that the mentioned ‘Comrade Prakash’, does not refer to Prakash Ambedkar. If the Police didn’t possess the letter, why did the Joint Commissioner of Police, Pune, feel the need to make the clarification. All this really stirs up suspicions about the authenticity of all the letters.

The riot that took place in Bhima Koregaon on January 1, was all orchestrated by Bhide and Ekbote. Even when this was clear, the investigation only took place against the leaders of Elgar Parishad. The Elgar Parishad had created a huge uproar against the anti-equality Manuwadi and gathered much support. This angered the Bhramhanwadis, and using the CBI, which they fully control, they carried out investigations and tried to paint that the riots at Bhima Koregaon were linked to the Elgar Parishad and it was all a Maoist conspiracy. The Police investigation, with a feeling of revenge, forcibly wanted to establish connections in between all the three. According to the police, if the Elgar Parishad had inflammatory speeches against the Brahmins, then the reaction should have been a subsequent attack on Brahmins and it should have started from Pune. But the violence took place the next day, it took place in Bhima Koregaon and it took place against the Dalits. So, how is it connected to the Elgar Parishad? This defies all possible forms of logic.

Therefore, the case that has been registered against the leaders of the Elgar Parishad in the Bhima Koregaon incident, is with the intention to cripple the structure and courage of the struggle against the inequalities kept alive in the society via the Manuwadi Brahmanical system. There is a big political motive behind these actions taken by the police. The RSS-BJP government wants to create a disturbance, stir riots and instability in society. There have been attempts to create Hindu Muslim riots in many places in and around Saswad in Maharashtra. The riots that took place in Hadapsar and Pimpri-Chinchwad were part of it. The Muslim community did not react, they bore the beating but they did not react and the failed the ploy.

The outrage that grew after the Kopardi incident was directed towards the demands for Maratha reservations and the dilution of the Prevention of Atrocities act to brew tensions amongst the Marathas and the Dalits but had failed as well. This was attempted yet again through the riot at Bhima Koregaon, and the posts on social media on December 31, January 1 and 2, by the followers and members of Bhide and Ekbote’s respective organisations explain it all. But the entire Alutedar-Balutedar community supported the Maharashtra Bandh on January 3.  Many progressive organisations and leaders from the Maratha community demanded the arrests of Milind Ekbote and Sambhaji Bhide. Their clear stance further upset the plan of causing a Dalit versus Maratha riot. The BJP and the RSS have to create chaos in the country.

Hindu Muslim riots and Dalit-Maratha riots have been attempted so far and now they will try and instill an anti-reservation environment. Swearing oaths after a Ganga-bath, sacrifices being offered at places, prayers at the place of worship and brewing up aggressive agitations, to do away with reservations, has already begun. It is clear that if there are anti-reservation agitations then pro-reservation agitations will also unfold and they only want further violence to come out of it. Sambhaji Bhide clearly talks about wielding swords but nobody interrogates him. There is no action against those who take the oath of abolishing reservation, which means that BJP and RSS support this demand. An emergency can be enforced by saying that if the reservation and anti-reservation clash arises and violence takes place, social unrest will arise and internal security will be in danger because of the country’s security. But for that, they have to create an environment tense enough. The recent attacks were all a part of it.

By-poll election results were found to be anti-BJP and anti-RSS. Gujarat was also not a victory that the BJP savored and this proves that there the tides are turning on the BJP and the RSS.  Therefore, unrestricted uncontrolled power is used to invoke anarchy and create fear and panic in the minds of people. Social unrest is consciously created to prevent or postpone elections and derail the democratic systems. Despite all this, the riots and the violence did not take place, so now they disguise it to be an attempt to use the false document about the attack on the PM and create confusion and chaos. If the prime minister has any kind of threat, he should be given full protection. The conspiracy must be investigated seriously. This letter is just amusing because the government machinery never treats an issue this grave so pathetically by.

The Police, in the case of death of Rahul Patangle, showed willingness. The video was released to identify those who had attacked him. It had to be done. But ample videos and photos had gone viral of the rioting, violence and damaging vehicles which took place at Bhima Koregaon on January 1. Photos, locations, and screenshots of WhatsApp conversations with marked faces of Sambhaji Bhide’s supporters have been given to the Police and the Chief Minister. They are quite clear, self-explanatory and would serve all purposes as all kinds of authentic evidence. But the Police are deliberately ignoring it. They are the Police. What did they search for? Why not publish their photos for identification? The police are strictly silent about this. This implies that they know the true criminals but they do not have the courage to arrest them. Because the Prime Minister and Chief Minister considered him a guru. Therefore, the supporters of Elgar have to be dragged away instead of those who caused the riots.

Now arresting activists based on these letters, spreading them through media without any digital verification, is all about obliviating the attention from Bhima Koregaon riots. Furthermore, Justice P. B. Sawant and Justice B. G. Kolse Patil have often and repeatedly said that they are the organizer of the Elgar Parishad, but the Police won’t even talk to them. Actions have been initiated against those kids and students who organized the Elgar Parishad on the instructions of Justice P.B. Sawant and Justice Kolse-Patil.

Section 219 of  The Immigration and Nationality Act of USA, has given powers to the State Department to ban terrorist and fascist organizations.  Sikh for  Justice organization has applied to Southern District Court, New York to ban RSS  under the provisions of this Act. This news was published in the Times of India on March 25, 2015.  The American think tank also had said that RSS is a terrorist organization and this news was published on May 27 May in Times of India. The Central Govt and RSS should announce to the public the outcome of this court case. Otherwise, RSS supporters also may be harassed as terrorists.

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