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Prabuddh Bharat

A platform to secure freedom of expression without fearing any kind of despotism and oppression in this current political climate is extremely necessary. Most of the current Media-houses are run or funded by the corporates and represent either the Government or the ruling classes. At the moment, hardly any media-organizations represent the ‘Bahujan’ (oppressed classes) perspective and put forth our views on different political, economic, social and cultural outlook of the world, at large.

We wish to present ideas that would make people think, thus promoting a rational and reasonable environment, where people would make their own decisions which would in turn flourish the Democracy.

On his journey towards the annihilation of caste, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar denounced the Brahmanical Hindu religion which embedded the caste system and the oppression of women within the society, while embracing Buddhism. It was on this event of his life, that he formed the fortnightly, Prabuddh Bharat, in 1956, as an initiative to enlighten the citizens of this country – enlightened meaning those who believe in Democracy, respect freedom of thought and expression, and accept Social Justice and Equality as their moral responsibilities. After Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, his son Bhaiyasaheb Ambedkar ensured the survival of Prabuddh Bharat through various political and financial hardships. Then, for a while, Prabuddh Bharat was kept in circulation by with the help and efforts of various associates.

The Bharatiya Janta Party controlled by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, having capitalized on the general disappointment under the Congress regime, has come into power by painting pictures of development, but their hidden despotic anti-democracy agenda has now been identified. Appointments of certain individuals at higher educational institutions, reducing opportunities of higher education for the Bahujan community, suppression of student voices across various universities, increasing number of farmers’ suicides, attempts to tamper with the Indian Constitution or promises to do thereof, preach religion in a fundamentalist manner, public mob lynching of people belonging to the minorities, appointment of regressive fundamentalist fanatics on various important posts and many other such similar instances show the true face of the RSS run BJP Government. But even through this dark period of difficult times, there are battles being fought to stop the BJP-RSS and their anti-social agendas, but they hardly get their due coverage from the mainstream media.

On this background, a platform to discuss the challenges of the Dalit-Bahujan-Muslims-Adivasis through the Phule-Ambedkarite perspective is the need of the hour. The current newspapers and electronic media are controlled by certain businessmen lobbyist and political stooges. They have no interests in covering the problems of the oppressed ‘Bahujan’ community and the progressive movements, furthermore it has become extremely difficult to get the deserved reportage on the real issues in this era of paid-news. We all have felt the absence of mediums that promote rationality and enrichment of thoughts, in our fight for human dignity, time and time again.

Therefore, Prabuddh Bharat has been revived as a fortnightly as well as a website as an alternative in today’s India, where majority of the media-houses are voice of the oppressors. For Prabuddh Bharat to stand tall and regain its glory as the voice of the Bahujans once again, intellectual likewise financial contributions would be needed from those who believe in the Phule-Ambedkarite philosphy, and we believe that with your support, we will rise.